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Unrevealed 2018 Quick Money Method – Learn How To Make $$$ with MassMax007


Apr 22, 2018
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Hello, community myself MassMax007


Today I will show you a $0 investment requires method, however, in order to
maximize your earnings it would be wise to invest about
$20/monthly. This is 100% optional, I will accustom why highly developed as regards.


The method is beautiful straight speak to you will be designing websites
for your local restaurants, shops, etc. Now you are probably
thinking, how the fuck am I supposed to make a website when I
have no idea not quite HTML, CSS etc. No worries, there is an easy
website that will literally make websites for you.
That website called Wix (you probably heard of it), there is
some alternatives compound to Weebly, SquareSpace but Wix is the best
one in my recommendation. I know you are skeptical and that you are probably thinking
nearly asking for a refund but permit me to accustom anything by now
choice period. Wix is a manageable site and more or less where you will be creating a website (I will
accustom how difficult regarding) for your local restaurants, clubs, etc.
Everything you profit is literally profit, past we have no investments
or any supplementary costs. Optional investment is $20/monthly which I offer an opinion you
getting, it's Wix premium attachment which will find the maintenance for you a lot of
facilities in addition to resolved bandwidth, custom domain (for example www.yourrestaurant.com) and so upon.

You can retrieve more or less Wix premium plans in the member out cold.
http://www.wix.com/upgrade/website (see for Unlimited intend that goes for $19.99/month)
In the adjacent chapter, I will accustom you how to make Wix website,
how & taking into account to tilt a restaurant/shop and what to see for
following creating a website for them.

Getting customers

Before creating a website we need to find a restaurant (or
anyone else) that desperately needs an option website. Those are
usually, your local restaurants that don't profit much online traffic
You will either grow the restaurant or e-mail/call them and
accustom how you are website developer & designer and that
you would be bearing in mind to make them an added website for cheap.
Here is one example I got a few weeks ago (old screenshot)


You can clearly see, people nonappearance an additional & augmented website for
their restaurant, shop, club, etc.
Word of advice, it's 100 times bigger to call or take disagreement occurring than to email, text, whataspp, anything.

People will admit you 100 time
more seriously if you take effect to the restaurant and accustom what you
doing and how can added & bigger website previously a restaurant.

Creating a website with Wix

After you locate owners that are delightful to get the website, head
well ahead than to Wix and begin creating it. I would counsel you searching for templates in restaurants & food category, those are usually best ones for the type of website we are ham it occurring (they usually have an entry form, online ordering...) In my recommendation, best templates are Vegetarian Restaurant (the personal favorite)

Coffee House
Cooking School
Bread Shop
Italian Restaurant

List of every share of single one Restaurant & Food templates can be found here


After you found a template you taking into account it's beautiful straight take in hand, shorten it
a bit suitably it matches your restaurant append, condense domicile,
right of door, menu, etc. (be certain to ask your restaurant owner what obtain they sensitive regarding the site & how get they dream the site to see) I will not go into many details previously you just need to click the crate and bend the text/image but if you yet showing off agree to support to interest email me and I will urge on the subject of the order of you out as much as I can. Here is an example website I created in literally 5 minutes.




Now, you are probably thinking, how much am I going to fighting for the website?
Well, I usually achievement in the midst of $200-300 per website.
I could easily set the price at $500 per website but that is too much, especially behind that I made it for manageable.
After you made the website, send the preview (screenshots or
something) to the restaurant owner and freshen how he feels approximately it.

If he likes it, pay $20 for premium aspire and see what URL would be the best for that specific restaurant.
Some examples that you should pass judgment.

www.restaurant-state.com (best one in my opinion)

Time To Say Bye Bye

Thanks a lot for reading this unsaturated 100% money making article. if you need any previously up taking place don't hesitate to easy to do to me and I will be certain to help you as possible as I can. like my thread and comments your QNA, I will reply all of you who comment on my blog. See you soon guys... :)
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