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[METHOD] How I Added $200/Month To My Total Income (Going For 3000/Month Soon)





This is a method I was testing since Jan 2018.

And, I have finally started earning through this method now!

This can take some time for you to do if you don't have money to outsource, but this can be done if you have $11. Namecheap hosting and domain from GoDaddy.

I have spent around 250 dollars till now on outsourcing stuff - No i will tell you everything to start making money fast without spending any $$


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Method: To rank youtube videos and keywords on the website (minimal work).

This may seem rehashed to some, I have not reinvented the wheel. I have just read a lot and tried what works and I just want to share it with the fam.


Expired domain(new domains also work well if you're budget is not high)
YouTube channel (if you have money to invest buy an old one)
Animoto (trial will do, and this is optional)
Canva (trial will do, recommended)
Ifttt (it's an automation website, recommended)
A few cheap $7/1000 words article writers.
Ahrefs/semrush etc are optional(you should know how to keyword research)

Now the method:

I am just telling you what I did, you can adjust everything according to your budget and shareasale, cj products work really well.

Haven't tried maxbounty so far but I will soon...

Let's go:
Find a great keyword, which is worth 100-500 searches per month. Here's a good guide by @hacko http://zipansion.com/4qBC
Get 3 different articles on that keyword.1 for the money site(1500-2000 words), 1 for the YouTube video(500-700 words), 1 for pbns and all. Weird thing is that it's a latest type of churn and burn project if you ask me and you can earn good money for a while

Once that is done setup your website with thrive themes(easy to setup fast)

Rehub is also my favourite but it's fucking tough to setup.

Genesis can do well too.

Upload the article on the homepage and to the offer...

It's difficult af to rank 1 page websites these days, so I recommend 10 inner articles as well.
I used 15 articles of 1500 words (money articles and have ranked homepage on #1 position already so keep reading...)

I got these articles in 30 days, and I uploaded them in 7 days (after setting up the ifttt rings which i will expain in the later section)with proper on page seo.
Check https://backlinko.com/on-page-seo and https://backlinko.com/seo-copywriting (this is for conversion optimisation and can be used later once you rank on page 1)

Read this by @davids355 https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/se...-sites.959735/

Pretty descriptive info...
If you don't have the time to read everything, just see how he configures his site and plugins he uses but I recommend you to read that in full.

How to setup the YouTube channel and videos:
You can search your keywords under creative commons and download it using keepvidz on your PC (these are copyright free, so you can use them on your channel)
Now with animoto add small clips to the video.
Follow: https://blackhatelite.com/threads/r...e-lab-generated-youtube-seo-formula-2018.187/
Add a great thumbnail to the video.
Always link to the website from your description, first 100 words.

Now the fun part starts:

Offpage SEO + social media automation:

Time and again I have been telling people about ifttt in the forum, groups and God knows where. We have to setup 1 ifttt ring for our website and 1 ring for out youtube video.

There are a lot of methods to do ifttt rings and loads of properties to use.

I pay a VA to set it up for me, he is not on bhw so I won't tell you who he is, neither I will pm you about him. Sorry for that.

But I will share what you have to do here...

So cheer up fellas.


First of all you need these social accounts: (I used new pages/profiles but expired and aged will work better in my opinion.
Facebook page(old PVA will do better)
Twitter (expired will do better)
Pinterest (group boards will do better)
Reddit (aged preferred)
Web2.0s : WordPress, bloggers, Tumblr, Weebly(expired work better)
We will make a branded ifttt rings for the site.

And, channel name for YouTube videos.

Here's some info about ifttt:

I usually recommend branded domains with these links only. DO NOT USE MAIN KEYWORDS.

Once this is done. Just keep posting the articles and videos in regular successions and you will keep getting automated branded links.

So you don't have to buy diversity package for the website. (Expired domains also takes care of it, so you have saved around 100 dollars)

Then you will have to get pbn links for the video as we will try to rank it first and due to the link in the description and branded topical relevancy.

Your website will also rank once your video starts to...

I usually buy cheap links(1-2 dollars per link) and tell the pbn guy to add the video and a small text below the video, or at the end of the video:

Which says: video courtesy of brand.com(nofollow)

(change the texts, and if you are getting 20 links, used this on 8 not more)

Don't get a ******** link on these, won't help.

With my niche by website was on #14 on serps and #1 on YouTube on feb20. That's when I got my first sale through this site as well. I made a whopping $10

And on 1st March I bought 10 good pbns links for my homepage(website directly) with long tails anchors and used 2 exact match as well)

10th day I was at #4.

Today I am at #1. Let's see how long I can hold it there.

(If you don't have money for good pbn links, i will recommend you to get expired web2.0s, WordPress, blogspots and livejournal work well)

And made around $50 from this site last week. So 4*50 : $200

I have invested $300 till now...

150 on content, 120 on links, 30 on VAs.

And made 80 already. And have a projection of over 200 month.

So massive ROI.

Now I will keep on working like this.

Videos + website thing for 5-6 months. Let's see what can be the outcome of this.

The thing is I got tired writing this. I can't write big articles and if I dont post this now I may forget to post it. I forgot to post my article last time I was writing for bhw. Wasted 1500words and effort.

So whatever you want to ask please do... Coz I know this thread is not as descriptive as I wanted it to be. But I will answer all your questions.
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