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[METHOD] BlackHat 101 Money Making Guide - Never Shared Before




Today i want to share with you this method on how to make some initial cash the blackhat way.

It all looks awesome until you get caught, and you will get caught.

You will be learning how to swim with the sharks, and the sharks don't like it.

I recommend some basic web development knowledge to stay under the radar.

Go search some html, css, javascript free courses if you don't know it already please.

To make this work, you will need three things :

Revealed content
- Porn traffic, white hat website and a black hat page.
You will be making a "Justin Bieber fucked Kim Kardashian Sex Tape 2018" kind of website.
This is actually the tricky part, you'll need to write some code. What?
The blackhat page is under an iframe which is associated to an adsense ad that is invisible.
No matter where you make your first click, the ad is getting clicked.
First-time you go through the page and click within it, nothing happens because the iframe got clicked, the money is counted and the visitor gets nothing.
So your target lands on the website with an iframe showing the blackhat version. The blackhat website is so well made that makes those horny visitors want to click and watch the "Justin Bieber fucked Kim Kardashian Sex Tape 2018".

Just edit some video frame with a fake picture of the sex tape. This can be done in many ways, just make sure to make a high clickable website.
Tricking horny people to click on our ads, how can big G not know?
That's why we need the whitehat website.

Also there is a coding part two. You'll need to code something like:
- If traffic comes from medium then show this, else show that.
- Visitors coming from a specific referrer see the blackhat page and all other visitors see the normal website. In order for the big G guy see your blackhat page, he would have to be watching porn.
What I mean is that you need to filter the traffic.
It's all about staying under the radar.
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