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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing




Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the online course where Michelle dishes out on her secrets and methods which have allowed her to earn over $50,000 in affiliate (read – passive!!) income a month. The course costs $197 in one go, or two payments of $105/month.
The course has 6 modules, 30+ lessons, a workbook and goes over the following:​
  • Affiliate marketing basics: what it is, how it works​
  • Affiliate products: how to pick the right ones while maintaining reader trust​
  • Conversions: how to increase the # of people who buy​
  • Nitty gritty details: e.g. the required disclosures you need​
  • Helpful tools and strategies​
  • And much, much more!​
This course is anything and everything about affiliate marketing.
Sale page: https://goo.gl/fhukas


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