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Jewel Deluxe - Unity Complete Project (Android + iOS + AdMob)


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Apr 9, 2018
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Jewel Deluxe is very addictive and exciting adventure match 3 game filled with colorful gem crunching effects! Swap and match jewels your way, show your best strategical moves to get highest scores and pass hundred of levels. Be the jewel star and unlock all castles in jewels mania games. This game helps you reduce time to build a similar game

Download apk

New version :​

Requirements :​

  • Unity free license version 2018 or later​
  • MacOS and Xcode for build iOS​

Game Features:​

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  • This is a complete game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full resource, full animation​
  • 2 mode game – 300 levels complete well done​
  • Admob integrated (Banner, Interstitial)​
  • Sounds: Background music and sound effects are included with settings to mute sounds in the game​
  • Simple and attractive​
  • Easy reskin for all platform.​
  • New Developer friendly​
  • Support multi-platform: Android, iOS, Web Player​
  • Support for Unity 2019 or higher​
  • Support build 64Bit, API latest, Android 12​
  • Documents update online​

This pack includes :​

  • Full game ready to publish, easy reskined​
  • Clear documentation,demo apk​

How to play ?​

  • Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to remove them​
  • Match the jewels until the board transparency,the jewels star will appear​
  • Make the jewels star down to last line to pass the level​

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