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How To Get 100% Free & Working Virtual Credit Card



How To Get 100% Free & Working Virtual Credit Card

VCC or Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid credit card or you can also call it as a debit card because there’s no credit facility on it actually. These virtual cards are good for online usage as even if the card information is compromised, the hacker cannot use them beyond the loaded balance and the preset daily usage limits.
These days a lot of online wallets are offering a virtual credit card to make their wallets more flexible and usable across multiple merchants. Even the banks are offering disposable one-time prepaid cards to their customers to keep them safe from frauds. Here’s a look at some of these services which offer a free virtual card or in some cases even a physical card to their users.​
Method To Get 100% Free & Working Virtual Credit Card:
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1 – Go To Your Smart Phone’s App Market (Itunes/Google play)

2 – install “TextMeUp” And Install “Revolut

3 – Open TextMeUp After Sign Up U will be ask to Choose a phone number. Select a phone number From U.K


4 – Open “Revolut” and enter your New U.K number you just got from TextMeUp
5 – You will Get Confirmation SmS in seconds
6 – Get confirmed, Sign up with real/fake name & address of U.K
7 – Go to My card and you will get your vcc
8 – Now Go to profile Change your Phone no. With your original one along with your original address and Info
9 – Send your verification document to get verified (Optional)
10 – Enjoy
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