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Apr 9, 2018
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Grab PLR To The Images Capable OF Generating Hordes Of Viral Traffic From Any Network !

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"Wow...What An Inspiring Headline!"
You've seen it, I've seen it, we've all seen it. But what exactly is "it"?

I'm talking about those "viral" quote images that people EVERYWHERE have been sharing on various social networks, blog posts, and all over the place for years now.

The funny thing about this is that a lot of people just share quotes that apply to them, whether it's on that given day, moment, or whatever.

Most of us don't care where the quote comes from, we just share it because it communicates for us.

It's similar to music in a way, except, well, it's with text, so it's actually transmitting a message.

Anyway, these images can range from super basic, to fancy and eye capturing. More importantly is that many marketers have taken advantage of this "viral" sharing approach with these kinds of images.

Nowadays, they're often referred to as "social posters" or some other fancy name. You may see them as bonuses for products, maybe in PLR packages, or anywhere else.

I often times see them on Pinterest. Not that I go on there or anything... HAHA!

Realistically though...

These Quote Images Have The Potential To Generate TONS of Traffic On Autopilot!
Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, a blog, or anywhere else.

When you put them out there and tag them properly, maybe including a link back to your site, blog, product, or anything else - you plant the seed.

This seed then has the potential to grow when others passively share it across networks.

All of the hard work is being done for you, so you really just need one thing...

That thing is the "social poster" images, based around a specific topic.

And now, drum roll please...

That's where we here at "Viral Social Posters" come in and save the day like some kind of awkward nerdy internet marketing super heroes or something.

Alright, enough with my bad puns and jokes. It's time for the big reveal...

YES, I Want To Order Now!
Viral Social Posters Presents...

100 Time Management
Quote Images Package

We've done all of the hard work, hired top notch graphic designers, and prepared an awesome package of "time management" based social poster images for you to use.

Better yet, you'll even receive the .PSD Photoshop source files as well. This means you can easily go in and modify any of the quotes in any way you'd like.

To top it all off, you ALSO get the "private label rights" license to this full package, plus some awesome reseller kit modules too.

All Of The Tedious Work Is Done For You!

Finding Tons Of Quotes

While this may seem like a mindless and easy taks, it can quickly become tiring and boring. Not to mention, finding 100 quotes or sayings related to one specific topic starts to get tricky after a while.

Acquiring Stock Photos

Whether you're going and grabbing some royalty-free images, or you're purchasing them with credits on a stock photo store, this costs either time or money. We have the perfect images for each quote.

Designing In Photoshop

Perhaps the most difficult and expensive part of the process, we've hired some of the best graphic designers to create eye-catching top quality social posters and including the PSD files for each image.
Here's The 10 Modules You Receive
Of course, no sales page is complete without some sort of epic module breakdown that explains every aspect of the (PLR) package that you're receiving.

In this case, we really did want to explain everything in depth just so you understand what's going on.

So... wait no longer, because the entire breakdown of each of the 10 modules is right below.

Sales page :



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