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Apr 9, 2018
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To return the search results faster, in addition to the server system power, data filtering algorithm, google also needs to map the Internet content. And the mapper for google is google bot. It will crawl your site, follow links to other pages in the site to map, send a copy of the html content to Google's servers. From the content that google bot sent, google will have algorithms to evaluate that content to know what your website is strong on keywords and content.

- Google bot will return to your website cycles, this cycle is long or short depending on whether you optimize the website, create content periodically or your site is widely shared or not. For example, our website https://pridio.com, when there is a new article, that article will be shared on social networks, especially google Plus. Google bot will visit the website soon.

Creating periodic content is extremely important to pull the google bot to your website as much. Google bot regularly visit the site once a day. When there is a new article google bot will shorten this time again. When there are no new posts, the time googlet bot to return to the website as long. Then your website may be overrun by other competitors in the content. And then the SEO will be extremely difficult.

- The website or page is more and more domain, website or other page with links point is the more google bot to the more and the more appreciated the content. Nowadays, due to the change in the algorithms of google the layout of the link on the website and the link hidden will make the website under evaluation, to handle this problem you have to optimize the website again, optimally I will have a tutorial in the coming time.

- Google bot the longer in a website, the more profitable the SEO, the index expressed this is called Page Rank (page rank) is abbreviated as PR. Other sites when placing links on a website with high PR, the time the google bot crawled as much and longer


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