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Google Advertiser Search Quick Start

Advertising on Google isn’t easy!

So what ends up happening is that when a campaign goes bad it’s canceled out.

Businesses are spending up to $10,000 + a month just to try and run campaigns.

But what happens when something goes wrong? They call up Google support.

But unfortunately Google isn’t around to provide any REAL strategic support.

So what if you could have access to these leads before any one else does?

If you’re reading this…

You know 100% you NOW can!

Any one can do this it doesn’t matter what level of marketing you are in.

Businesses don’t have the time to do market research, keyword research etc. So they go with whatever they “feel is best” and that’s never the rite way to go.

(On the LIVE training we’ll show you how to set-*‐up the campaign for clients easily)

But here are a few NOTES on how to get a google campaign up and running.

Step 1: head over to https://adwords.google.com

Step 2: After you’ve signed up give your campaign ad name (remember)

Always go with “Search Network Only” lowers the cost per call or click.

Step 3: Choose the geographic location where you’d like ads to show.

Step 4: Choose your “Bid strategy,” set your daily budget. Change the default

“bid strategy” to I’ll manually set my bids for clicks. This gives you more control and will help you learn adwords.

Step 5: Ignore the “Ad Extensions Section”

Step 6: Create your first ad group, and write your first ad. More people click On ads when the headline includes the “Keyword” they are searching for. So Use your keywords in your headlines when you can.

Step 7: Paste in your keywords. Start with just one set, and add plus signs, brackets

And quotes to see precisely how many searches of each type you’ll get. When you’re

Getting started, it’s not a good idea to dump hundreds or thousands of keywords in.
Start with a handful of important ones, and work from there.

Step 8: Set your maximum cost per click or call. But realize every keyword is theoretically a different market, which mean that each of your major keywords Will need a bid price of its own. Google will let you set individual bids for each keyword.

Step 9: Review it all! Double-*‐check your ad and keywords to be sure they’re the best possible match.

Step 10: enter your billing information and your good to go!

Setting up campaigns for clients is super easy! And doesn’t need to be made complicated. It’s all about testing. You’ll have good campaigns and bad campaigns Most business owners doesn’t know that and don’t have time so they prefer to Delegate the work to someone who can handle the job and is resourceful.


Pricing is 100% based on your time. So don’t drive yourself crazy over this part. You can choose to charge a flat fee for the month or charge weekly “it’s up to you” just make sure everything you do is signed via contract or some type of agreement to Make sure everything is set and stone.


$4,999 to Manage Campaigns
Include the following:

Strategic Planning

Keyword Research
Market Research

Campaign Analysis

Email Reports.


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