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[GET] $73K in 90 Days + VIP Bonus




TOTAL AMOUNT : $73,022.83


From the Desk of: Jonathan Teng & Sharon Lai
If you're sick and tired of sending boring and anemic emails that get your subscribers turned off when reading them...


...you would like to transform your email campaign into sales driving powerhouse within days from now, then...

I've extremely good news for you…

So listen up…

$522 Net Profit. Every Day.
In just under 90 days, our company grossed $73,022.83 in sales and commissions from email marketing by promoting our own products as well as other people’s products.

While many marketers will brag about their impressive ‘sales figures’ and never disclose their expenses, we’ll be upfront in telling you what really went through our bank accounts.

Approx. $47,000 NET PROFIT.

That’s pure profit.

That’s CASH left after removing all the transaction fees, production costs and payments to affiliates.

And if you do the maths..

This brings us to a figure of $522 net profit per day on average. Every day.


All generated through email marketing.

These were not some boring emails that you’re used to read everyday from all other marketers…

These are...

‘Non-Pitch’ Style & Engaging
Email Content That Pull In Sales!
We use a 'non-pitch' conversational approach when writing our emails.



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