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Just visit this
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Google Pay https://g.co/paypromo/GAQDGRRU and use Referral Code GAQDGRRU
for new Google Pay users to get $10 in Google Play credit to use toward movies, books, games and more after you make your first purchase with Google Pay (you must use Google Pay app on Android).

Google Pay Referral Program will give both new and current users $10 in Google Play credit each when a current user refers a new user who makes their first purchase with Google Pay, and referrers can earn up to $100 for movies, books, games and more by referring new users to try Google Pay.

Google Pay New Users – Get $10 Credit after First Purchase
New Google Pay users can get $10 in Google Play credit after you make your first purchase using Google Pay, valid through August 31, 2018.

Just visit this Google Pay $10 Promo Link and use Referral Code GAQDGRRU when you register to qualify for this offer.

You must make your first Google Pay payment within 30 days of registering and applying the referral code in order to qualify for the $10 bonus credit.

Qualifying payments must be made: via the Google Pay app and at an in-store or transit contactless payment terminal that accepts payment via the Google Pay app; or online using Google Pay to pay via a partner merchant’s mobile app or mobile web checkout (where available).

Online payments for purchases on apps or websites owned and operated by Google (e.g., Google Pay Send, Google Play, YouTube, etc.) are not considered qualifying payments.

Online payments on mobile websites where the payment is made by first clicking on the PayPal button (as opposed to selecting PayPal as a payment method once you have first selected Android Pay/Google Pay as a payment option) are not considered qualifying purchases.

You must claim your reward by applying it to your Google Play account within 28 days of earning the reward either by copying the code and applying it to your Play account balance or clicking on the “Redeem” button in the new Play gift card that will appear in the Google Pay app.

You must have the Google Pay app on Android in order to qualify for this $10 bonus offer.

Check out Google Pay for more details on how to qualify for this special offer.

How Everyone Can Get a $20 Google PLAY Credit Using Current Google PAY Promotions

Long time lurker, first time poster here. What follows may sound a wee bit complicated but if one follows the steps in order and everyone cooperates it will work!
I've thought of a fun way in which many of us can earn at least a free $20 Google Play credit. Think of it as a game of tag. However, before I explain the game let me list a few requirements.
(1) It is only eligible for Android users on Google Play. IOS and Amazon payers are not eligible. (2) While it is not strictly necessary, your phone should have NFC enabled. One can use a phone without NFC but your net payoff may be less. (3) One cannot have used Google Pay before. Note that Google PAY is different from Google PLAY. Pay vs Play..got it? (4) You must use the USA version of Google Pay and Play. This may work for other countries but I can't comment on it.
How the Game Works
Step One: Download Google PAY and Make a Single Purchase.
(a) Go to the Google Play store, search for, download, and install the Google PAY app. (b) Launch the Google Pay app and click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the app (c) look for the menu item “Enter Promo Code” and then enter the promo code. I'll explain the promo code in Step Three. Once you do this an ad should appear in the Google PAY news feed indicating that if you make a SINGLE payment with PAY you will receive a $10 credit. Make sure this ad shows up in the news feed before you make any purchase. (d) Look in the Pay news feed for the place to enter you payment details and click on it. If you already have a card with Google PLAY it should give you an option to select that card and add it to Google PAY. (d) Now that you have added the promo code and payment details to Google PAY make a single purchase of any amount using the Google Pay app. If you are under 18 get your parents permission first. (e) Once you make a single purchase you should get a $10 Google PLAY credit shortly after the transaction is processed. Look for it in the Google PLAY app.
Step Two: Get Your Own Promo Code and Paste It in the Comments.
Now that you have got your $10 Google Play credit do the following.
(a) Look for the advertisement that says “Invite Friends” within the Google PAY app and click on it. ((b) copy the code you see there, come back to Love Nikki on reddit, and paste your code in the comment section of this thread.
Step Three: The Game of Tag
If this works correctly everyone who plays the game of tag should get a $20 Google Play credit. The first $10 credit comes from the reward for making a single purchase with the promo code of the person above you in the comment thread and the second $10 comes from being the source of the referral of the next person after you in the comment thread.

The promotion is valid in a number of countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, and Russia ( For Russia though you have to spend it on some ozon.ru store there and the limit is five referrals). Obviously, the currency will vary by whichever country you're in, but the value should be around $10 everywhere. You have to be 18+ to participate, and the offer will end soon. Bear in mind that you'll have 28 days to redeem your Play credit after you receive it, after which point it'll disappear forever.​
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