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Forex Trade Signal and Crypto Currency Trade Signal Notifier Telegram Supported Platform


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Mar 15, 2023
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Frontend Demo: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/
Admin Demo: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/admin/
Staff Demo: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/staff/
User Demo: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/login/
Admin Login:
Link: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/admin/
Email : admin@gmail.com
Password : 123456

Staff Login:
Link: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/staff/
Email : staff@gmail.com
Password : 123456

User Login:
Link: https://mytrade.softwarezon.com/login/
Email : user@gmail.com
Password : 123456


This is a Trading Buy Sell Notification platform with this script you are able to send Forex, Crypto, Stocks, CFD, or any market signals. If you or your teams are experts in analysis then you can sell your premium signal to your customer. Customers will pay you and they will receive this signal on their Telegram, Whatsapp, Email, and Sms. Here admin can create multiple free or paid plans. When any customer registers to the website he/her needs to choose a plan if the plan is paid then he/her needs to make a payment to you. When admin sends trading real-time signals to specific Plan users via Email, SMS, and Individual Telegram and Whatsapp Accounts. The user will receive it and Just follows the signal and opens his/her trading buy-sell position So that the user can stop loss and take a profit easily. Admin can create Staff and Staff can create signals like Admin. So you can easily start a Trading Signal Sending Platform with just a few clicks. This script has the most powerful 30+ international payment methods and 23+ Sms Gateway and 7+ Email Driver and 5+ Whatsapp Driver. It’s 100% User-friendly and fully responsive on all kinds of devices. It’s a very easy-to-use and SEO-friendly application. Admin can manage the complete website without a single line of coding knowledge. It is professionally developed in a PHP-based Laravel framework with MySQL backend. It has a strong SQL injection protection system which will keep away this system from hackers. This script creates a unique session for each login every time and checks login session is valid with this system or not. So there is no question about session hijacking.

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