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Facebook Automation v6.8 cracked - premium version 2018





-Simple to get your gatherings list, companions list, pages ...

- Searching for bunches by catchphrase, checking for status (joined, un-join, protection open-close-mystery gathering, individuals tally, inform ...).

- Easy to channel bunches list. Join to any gatherings that you need. Leave terrible gatherings (no more individuals, don't permit to post ...) by a single tick. Turn on/off inform from bunches which you need.

- Mass welcome companions to gathering. Mass welcome clients by means of email to gathering

- Post a message, single photograph, multi-photographs or deal post to bunches which you chosed. You can likewise present your photograph collection on gatherings.

- Post a video or video incorporate photographs to gatherings, companion's divider, pages, your divider.

- Share a facebook post to all around (gatherings, pages, companion divider, your divider)

- Auto answer private message for your facebook individual record or facebook fan page - ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION

- Auto answer to remarks by particular watchword or send a private message to clients who remark on your post - ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION v6.8

- Auto acknowledge companion demands and add them to your gatherings or welcome to like your page ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION v6.8

- Auto cooperation on your home nourish, gather bolster, page sustain or client's divider - ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION

- Autoo Poke companion, auto cheerful birthday to companion. Increment communication for your record.

- Mass or single include your record with more alternatives: Login with program, Facebook App (Android or IOS application) Token, Cookies ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION

- Tag determine companions to a post or arbitrary label companions to a post.

- Post a message, single photograph or multi-photographs to your divider or companion divider.

- Send mass private message to clients which you chosed.

- RANDOM/SPIN your message, interface, pictures, photograph ... while posting for avoid spam recognition by facebook.


- Sharing a your photograph collection/post to gatherings/pages/clients ...

- Searching for clients by watchword, programmed sending companion demand to clients which you chosed. Get companion asks for, acknowledge or deny demands.

- Convert clients id to facebook messages.

- Searching for pages by catchphrase, checking for points of interest of these pages (likes tally, can post, site, email, telephone, nation ...). Mass welcome companion like the page. More channel choices for you.

- Export messages, telephone, site from open pages.

- Post a message, single photograph, private message to open pages which you chosed.

- Bump your posts in gatherings or knock indicate posts ids.

- Searching for occasions. Taking care of occasions which you chosed. Mass welcome companions to occasion.

- Post a message, single photograph to occasions which you chosed.

- Schedule your presents on anyplace (gatherings, open pages, companion divider, private message, remark).

- Schedule knocking your posts in gatherings or determine posts ids.

- Schedule joining to gatherings.

- Settings time interim while posting, joining to gatherings, companion ask for sending ... Keep spam location from facebook.

- Easy to oversee multi-facebook accounts. Intermediary bolster for each record. Easy to post for determine account which you chosed.

- Portable programming, you needn't bother with introduce to run it.


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