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[CASE STUDY] How 1 Youtube Video Makes An Easy $150/Day





[CASE STUDY] How 1 Youtube Video Makes An Easy $150/Day (Promoting a $50 Affiliate Offer – Anyone can do it – Newbie Friendly – No Investment Required).
How to make money with youtube and affiliate products?
One of the easiest and fastest way to make a good chunk of money is to promote a higher priced products.
$50 per sale or higher.
And when you have an offer that converts like crazy – you have a perfect combination.
Recently we have posted a ton of case studies for advanced marketers.
But from the emails that we get daily, there are a majority of those who are just starting out and want to make at least $50-100/day.
The following case study + step by step process will be perfectly for new marketers.
You will discover the exact process behind these kind of results:

As you can see, you make $50 per sale.
When we show stats like this, it’s easy to become skeptical.
However, when you will see what kind of offer you will be promoting, you will change your mind.
Till now this one simple video already made well over $3,500.
And it continues to generate income even while you are reading this premium post.
As you see from the screenshot above some days are higher, some lower.
Realistically, as a newbie, you can expect $50 days (that’s 1 sale/day).
If you are an advanced affiliate and will be willing to put more work and scale up and upload more videos, you can expect your earnings to go ten fold.
The offer that you will be promoting has nothing to do with selling information or software.
And if you have been in this game for a while, you know how sometimes difficult this can be.
The offer is mainstream.
It’s been promoted all over the internet.
This is why it’s converting like crazy.
Most people already know the brand.
You can promote it anywhere you want but in this case study it was promoted through Youtube.
The traffic was completely free.
Alright, so the affiliate offer that was promoted was…​
Sale page: https://goo.gl/6Zbu9D
Download: https://www.file-upload.com / vqwog9h0bzjg​
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